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Our first priority is to provide our 2-year-olds with a positive first group experience and to help children feel that school is a fun and safe place to be!  We recognize that most 2-year-olds will need time to acclimate to school and that they need loving reassurance that we will take care of them and return them to mommy or daddy at the end of the day.  Once they become comfortable at school, they begin a wonderful journey with us! 

Two-year-olds exhibit mostly parallel play, which means that they will play alongside a peer, but not necessarily interact with that peer.  They are keen observers of the world around them and, as they mature, they begin interacting more with their peers and forming relationships.  We attempt to foster that move from parallel play to more cooperative play as the year progresses.

Children at this age absorb knowledge quickly, and learn so much through play and direct instruction. Our teachers target the appropriate developmental milestones, such as using words to express themselves, playing with others, sharing and taking turns, sorting colors, shapes, numbers and letters, completing sentences and beginning rhyming, and developing independence, just to name a few.

Two-year-olds cannot always express their feelings, which is why it is so important to maintain frequent and ongoing parent/teacher communication.  Any change in the child’s home environment can affect that child in school, so it is imperative that parents share those changes with teachers.  Teachers make themselves available if a parent wishes to discuss anything, so please do not hesitate to request a meeting or phone call, or to email your teacher. In turn, teachers will be sure to share with parents any joys or concerns they have with a child.
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The 2-year-old preschool classes are generally limited to ten children each and there is a teacher and an assistant in each classroom. 

Two-year-olds meet three times a week for three hours.

2-Year-Old Preschool

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