The 4-year-old Pre-K classes are generally limited to 12 children each and there is a teacher and an assistant in each classroom.  The Pre-K classes meet five times a week for four hours a day (except for Fridays, when they meet for 3 hours). The longer day provides adequate time for both student- and teacher-directed activities.

4-Year-Old Pre-K


Our Pre-K program introduces more academic exposure while continuing to promote a love of learning and allowing for social, emotional, and cognitive growth through developmentally appropriate interactions. While these children are ready for higher level learning, we do not sacrifice their unstructured times, such as outdoor play and centers.

Pre-K children have developed some strong bonds with their friends and we continue to foster the use of developmentally appropriate social skills throughout each day.  These children are mastering how to express their feelings appropriately, know when they have made a good or bad choice, and play appropriately with their peers. In addition, the teachers introduce and explore character traits, such as being kind, sympathetic, cooperative, trustworthy, thankful, thoughtful, encouraging, etc. 

Academic goals for our Pre-K students include knowing their colors, shapes, numbers through 10, and capital and lower case letters of the alphabet and their sounds. They begin to tell and retell stories and illustrate them, sequence items, and perform high-level patterning.  In addition, the pre-Ks begin a Handwriting Without Tears program, which guides them to form their letters and numbers properly and reinforces fine motor skills and letter and sound recognition.  Children also begin journaling and storywriting.  Math manipulatives are used to teach basic graphing, addition and subtraction skills.  The Pre-K day is purposely structured, with concentrated academic goals each day.

Frequent communication between the parents and teachers is an important goal.  Teachers make themselves available if a parent wishes to discuss anything, so please do not hesitate to request a meeting or phone call, or to email your teacher. In turn, teachers will be sure to share with parents any joys or concerns they have with a child.

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