Beach Day School

“Our family is absolutely thrilled with Beach Day!  Our son is receiving the building blocks for a solid foundation for his future education.  The teachers are all extremely driven in what is best for the student and providing a well-rounded experience.  The director and assistant director are always out in the morning and afternoon to greet everyone that comes into the building.  The entire staff (from teachers to director) never make me feel that any question or concern I might have is unmerited, no matter how big or small.  The Early Birds option in the morning is so helpful for our family, and we can’t wait to try one of the various after school programs.  We really couldn’t have asked for a better experience thus far!”
(757) 428-6332
300 36th St.
Virginia Beach, VA 23451

“Beach Day School offers a caring and safe environment with active learning, development of physical and social skills, and leadership and staff that are engaging and exceptional.  My 4-year old grandson has attended Beach Day for the last two years and will attend this year as well.  He loves going and is always welcomed lovingly by his teachers!”

"We feel so blessed that three of our children had the opportunity to attend Beach Day School.  It was such a nurturing and loving environment for their early education.  Throughout our time at Beach Day, we developed deep bonds with the wonderful teachers.  I know that my children were loved and protected every day.  I felt that the curriculum at Beach Day was the perfect balance of play and hands on learning.  The children never felt overwhelmed or bored, and always came home beaming with pride at their new knowledge and accomplishments.  All three of my kids left Beach Day School fully prepared to enter elementary school. There are not enough words to express our love for Beach Day School!”

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“Beach Day School is a rare find in this community.  Our two girls attended from the twos through kindergarten, and were very well prepared for elementary school.  The curriculum goes above and beyond what’s expected from a preschool.  The teachers and staff are creative, nurturing, and always provided a challenge for my children.  It was a privilege to be a part of the Beach Day family.  What a gem!”

“Our children attended Beach Day School for all years of preschool and Kindergarten, and we couldn’t be happier with our overall experience.  The teachers are compassionate and nurturing, while looking out for the best interests of each child, helping them to grow intellectually, socially and emotionally.  I feel like Beach Day School gave my children the best possible start in education, laying the foundation for a successful academic career!”

Parent Testimonials

“BDS is a wonderful preschool.  Our three kids have all had a great experience in the classroom.  They were taught the fundamentals and values of learning which have helped them as they moved into first grade and beyond.  BDS has a nurturing and loving Staff.  Our children have established special, ongoing relationships with the teachers and other children.  I have also established relationships with other parents and teachers.  Our 4 year old is our youngest of three children to go through BDS.  He will ‘graduate’ in two years. I know that he will be well prepared for his future school experience.”

“My daughter started at Beach Day in the two-year-old program and graduated from Kindergarten four years later.  From the day she started we loved her teachers all the way through the day she “sadly” graduated from Beach Day.  Each teacher was always very caring and, just as important, they also taught her a lot along the way.  We loved the full-day Kindergarten class and the focus on reading was very impressive.  She went into first grade at Norfolk Academy reading very confidently.  She grew a lot that last year at Beach Day.  We now have a little one starting the 3-year-old class and look forward to our next few years of him growing and learning from the wonderful teachers and staff at Beach Day.  We love our school!”

“Our boys loved Beach Day!  The teachers and staff were patient and wonderful with each of my children as they passed their years there.  Beach Day filled both the social and intellectual needs that my kids craved when they were younger and they were both very well prepared for First Grade at Linkhorn Elementary.  As fifth and second graders, they still talk about their days at Beach Day.  I would recommend Beach Day to any family who is looking for an intimate, high quality preschool whose focus is solely on the child and his or her happiness and development!”

“Our two sons have attended Beach Day School for their entire preschool experience (starting in the two’s class and attending through Kindergarten).  After our older son graduated from BDS he started at Norfolk Academy.  His transition to the additional academic rigors of First grade was seamless, which reflects the good preparation from Beach Day School.  Our younger son will continue at Beach Day for Kindergarten and can’t wait to be in Mrs. LaSalle’s class.  Our family is very fond of Beach Day School.  The teachers and director provide an exceptional educational experience in a nurturing environment.  We recommend the school highly and without reservation!”