Beach Day School

Beach Day School researches the types of curriculum that both Public and Private schools use from year-to-year.  We adopt and combine curriculum that we believe provides the most effective way to teach various subject areas and maximize student learning. Our goal is to meet each child where they are in their social, emotional and academic development, and provide them with whatever tools they might need to succeed. Our most current curriculum utilizes a balanced literacy approach which incorporates reading, phonics, and language arts. The strongest elements of whole language and phonics are combined to create a program that aims to guide students toward proficient and lifelong reading. Children are assessed frequently to assure progress. Centers are an important part of our "hands-on" approach to learning, and STEM/STEAM exploration is integral to Beach Day's curriculum. We strive for academic excellence by exposing Kindergarteners to higher level math concepts, science and social studies, handwriting, language arts, music and art.

Music is incorporated throughout a Kindergartener's day, as well as  45-minute theory and song lesson, once a week with our music teacher. The children also receive an immersive, 30-minute Spanish lesson each week with our Spanish teacher from Academy Languages.

Beach Day provides a solid foundation for the development of positive character traits, and we stress the importance of being a good citizen while teaching children about God's beautiful world. Most importantly, we want our Kindergarteners to know that we love and appreciate them for their unique and wonderful qualities.

Where Does Your Child Go From Here?
Children graduate from BDS to continue their education at private and public schools.  We encourage parents to look into all options available to you in order to make an informed decision about the best environment for your child going forward. The Kindergarten teacher is happy to collaborate with you regarding this decision.  We are proud of the fact that Beach Day has a reputation among many schools as having "graduates" that are more than ready to meet the demands of first grade.  We strive to prepare our students for the next set of challenges they will face, wherever that may be. 

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The Kindergarten class is generally limited to 16 children and there is a teacher and an assistant in the classroom.  Kindergarten meets five times a week for five hours a day (except for Fridays, when they meet for 3 hours).  Kindergarten's small class size, combined with a five-hour day, allow teachers to become familiar with each child’s learning style and abilities, as well as exploring subjects in great depth.

The most important goal BDS has for our Kindergarteners is that they leave our school with a belief that God loves them, that learning is fun and exciting, and that they feel confident and prepared for their next learning environment.

Kindergarten Program
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