Beach Day School

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All of our classes take wonderful field trips each year.  Examples of places we might go include the pumpkin patch, the strawberry patch, Young Chef’s Academy, Botanical Gardens, Shore Break, Farmer’s Market, etc.  In addition, we bring many programs or individuals to the school for everyone to enjoy.  These programs include a puppet show, bird lady, Farmer Minor and his pot belly pig and two pugs, fire fighters with the fire truck, Marine Science Museum, Mad Science, Zoo, etc.

Additional Preschool Information

Assessments give us an opportunity to see a student’s progress throughout the year. They also alert us to any concerns that a child might be experiencing socially, academically and/or emotionally.  All children receive two progress reports each year, one in the fall and one in the spring.  Parent/teacher conferences are held at those times to disseminate the information gathered in the progress reports.  The reports consist of basic skills in the following areas: communication, cognitive, self-help, social/emotional and fine/gross motor. Pre-K children are also assessed on capital and lowercase letter recognition and sounds. Assessments
are scheduled twice a year to disseminate the information.
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We offer a theme-based curriculum in the preschool programs. Spread throughout the year, students will study various age-appropriate themes such as “getting to know you,” seasons of the year, holidays, weather, animals, letters, numbers, etc.  Teachers incorporate the theme throughout the day and week in everything they do. Concept development is a natural outcome of the theme-based curriculum.

We also incorporate aspects of the Core Knowledge curriculum for our 3-year-olds and Pre-K children. This curriculum provides a cumulative and coherent progression of knowledge and skills in all developmental areas and integrates developmentally appropriate practices for both content and instruction.

The SPCA visits our Pre-K classes once a month and offers a program called the “Compassion Classroom.”  They bring in a different pet each month and teach on a variety of topics.

Preschool Schedule
Our preschool schedule consists of circle time, centers, small group, creative art, snack time and story time. Of course, singing, dancing and music are woven into every day as well!  A more formal music time and chapel are provided once a week. 

Throughout the day, children are exposed to planned, teacher-guided large and small group experiences, as well as child-guided experiences that allow children to select activities to pursue from among the rich choices teachers have prepared in various centers in the room. Our center time consists of block play, art, dramatic play, nature/science, fine motor, and reading.  Manipulatives in our centers change frequently and children have ample opportunity to interact with a wide variety of materials. Each of these experiences offers children a different way to interact with their environment and provides invaluable social and academic experiences.